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:a taxonomy of sorts, and a brief but concise exposition of purpose.

rat kings
compression artifacts
things that stain teeth
deterritorialized animal encounters
disorienting progressions through ordinary conversations
generative choreographies from bad weather
mysterious theology of palindromes
aesthetics of erasure
quantized living
terror alert levels and their corresponding soft-drink sponsorships
migration patterns of garbage cans
interventionist defenestration
witnessing fractures of cosmetic conditions (and leaving a note)
closeted addictions to energy drinks
science as metaphor
derisive limerick poetry
piercing rhizomal structures, the linearity of a shank
architectures of sex
radical transparency as a ‘bombs for peace’ kinda thing
animal tracks through wet cement
the word ‘biology’
circumnavigating retention
broken compasses used as timepieces

lo-latency. the volume of the world turn ’round.


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